Newsletter ISACA Global 04/2021

Dear Members,


In 2021, as part of the new Rising Professionals program, ISACA will showcase several new initiatives for students, recent graduates entering the workforce, and those looking to change their current career path. This important group is at the forefront of shaping the future of the industry ISACA serves.

The new Rising Professionals page includes the latest insights and tools for career advancement, knowledge, and engagement. Resources also will be helpful to new hires and students.


A valuable new opportunity for Rising Professionals is the new knowledge- and performance-based ISACA® Information Technology Certified Associate™ (ITCA™) certification, which can be obtained after earning five certificates: Computing Fundamentals, Networks and Infrastructure Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Software Development Fundamentals, and Data Science Fundamentals. The program is ideal for those looking to build their baseline IT skills and knowledge. It features hands-on performance learning to simulate real-world experiences.


Risk After COVID-19: A New Workforce

Remote Access Tools From a Hacker Perspective


ISACA global footprint has expanded to offer a popular publication in several new languages. ITAF 4th Edition has been translated into Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.


Reminder: The Cybersecurity Fundamentals exam is being updated and will become one of five stackable certificates that will comprise the new ITCA certification. The new Cybersecurity Fundamentals exam will be available on 1 June 2021.


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