Newsletter ISACA Global 03/2021

Dear Members,


In celebration, join the conversation in the SheLeadsTech community on Engage 8-12 March. Also register for one of two live discussions on 10 March.


ISACA launched the knowledge- and performance-based ISACA® Information Technology Certified Associate™ (ITCA™) certification, which can be obtained after earning five certificates: Computing Fundamentals, Networks and Infrastructure Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Software Development Fundamentals, and Data Science Fundamentals. The program is ideal for students, recent graduates, career changers, and those looking to build on their baseline IT skills and knowledge. It features hands-on performance learning to simulate real-world experiences. An ITCA also could serve as a valuable tool for a new employee’s training or a student transitioning into the workforce.


COVID has unleashed major security and privacy concerns across the globe. To serve professional security technologists, ISACA released a new, downloadable PDF white paper: 5G Security: Addressing Risk and Threats of Mobile Network Technologies. The paper features diagrams and explanations that delve into the fundamentals as well as the deep security architecture of these technologies. The six domains of 5G security are explored and explained, and specific risks are identified and cross-referenced to the 5G security features that are designed to mitigate them.


In late 2020, ISACA conducted a global, deep dive into data privacy derived from nearly 2,000 survey respondents, which resulted in a new publication: Privacy in Practice 2021: Data Privacy Trends, Forecasts and Challenges. The focus of the publication ranges from technical privacy controls to board of directors’ support. Key topics include:

  • Organizational approaches to privacy
  • Hiring and workforce trends
  • Frameworks and policies used to protect sensitive data
  • Breach-related trends
  • Privacy by design
  • Predictions for 2021 and the future of privacy


  • The early adoption period ends 31 March 2021.
  • The CDPSE exam registration opens 8 March 2021.