Newsletter ISACA Global 02/2021

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strategic planning, pivoting toward a new direction, and even execution can be greatly enhanced by considering new perspectives or applying an additional lens to your thinking. As an ISACA member, you have access to new tools that can give you those additional insights and data points you might be seeking. Here are some highlights:


  • Case Study: Transforming Princeton’s Security Culture Through Awareness. According to the ISACA® 2018 Cybersecurity Culture Report, 95 percent of global survey respondents identify a gap between their current and desired organizational culture of cybersecurity. This gap is reflected in the reality that most security breaches have user errors (or worse) as part of their causal chain. User awareness programs can reduce information risk and, in some cases, enhance user experience or productivity by improving security-related behaviors and the overall security culture at an organization.
  • Learn how to Report Cybersecurity Risk to the Board of Directors by adopting the necessary mindset of a Board member to communicate effectively. Produce congruency between cybersecurity initiatives and strategic direction that result in support for budget, standing and reputation for the cybersecurity organization. 


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