Newsletter ISACA Global 01/2021

Dear Members,

we begin the new year with some very helpful ISACA publications that can help demystify blockchain, and a white paper that can provide an auditor’s view into 2021. A new issue of the ISACA Journal is also available, brimming with insights.

 Here are some highlights:

  • The ISACA Journal vol 1, 2021 is available for all members, with a theme focused on The New Workforce. Included in this issue is a letter from ISACA’s CEO, David Samuelson, recapping the past year’s accomplishments and glimpses into the future.  
  • If you need motivation to get started in the new year, read an inspiring story of a fellow member’s resilience and adaptability during a difficult time: Mehmet Uvey #IamISACA.  



  • The unique aspects of blockchain technology, as well as “touchpoints” relevant to existing technology ecosystems, are discussed in the new publication, Blockchain Framework and Guidance.
  • Blockchain--An Executive View is a companion paper, which explains blockchain in layman's terms and delves into the opportunities and challenges inherent to the technology. 


  • ISACA is proud to help champion the cybersecurity profession as a founding member of UK Cyber Security Council, established to strengthen skill sets and collaboration, and launching in early 2021. Read more here.
  • In other advocacy efforts, ISACA was proud to contribute to the efforts of the HACKED Act and CYBER LEAP Act, further imprinting our organization in the world of cybersecurity. 

Start your year strong…

  • Reminder: Renew your membership and/or certifications if you have not already done so.
  • Make sure to maximize the most cost-effective (free!) route to CPEs.
  • And if you are not a member, there is no better time to join!