Innovation & Tech Talk Online-Event


January 27th, 2022 11:00 – 12:00h


Why do most KPIs drive internal audit in the wrong direction?


We live in an era when everything is measured. If it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist. How to assess the value of internal audit? The most common way of measuring it is to use Key Performance Indicators. Unfortunately, quite often the way KPIs are constructed drive audit units in the wrong direction, away from an effective and efficient audit. Why is that? And what can auditors do about it?

Speaker: MACIEJ Piołunowicz, CIA

Maciej has been the Head of Internal Audit Department (Chief Audit Executive) at BGK – one of the largest banks, and the only public bank in Poland – for more than 12 years. He supervises a team of 22 auditors. He is an author of many publications on internal audit, published in leading polish newspapers. He is also a lecturer at the post graduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw (SGH), and a presenter at many internal audit conferences and events, both in Poland and abroad, including the 2021 IIA international conference in Singapore.

Host: Sarah Richter

For participation you can earn 1 CPE.

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